Flexible Cancellation Policy

Book your next holiday in The Cotswolds with confidence and peace of mind thanks to our new ‘risk-free booking’ policy!

StayCotswold are now offering a flexible cancellation policy allowing our guests to book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for any unforeseen circumstances that arise, you the guest will be returned your booking deposit or full payment depending upon what has already been paid. This will apply to all new bookings placed to arrive after the 1st August 2020.

  • The new cancellation policy applies to all bookings due to arrive after the 1st August 2020
  • You do not need to do anything, as our guest you will automatically be covered once you have paid your deposit
  • Guests can cancel for any reason (including Covid-19) between 60 days and 2 days prior to your check in date
  •  Bookings cancelled prior to the 60 days will result in a loss of deposit and no refund will be given unless we can re-sell your holiday dates for the property
  • Cancellations made 1 day prior to or on the day of check-in will not be eligible for any refund.
    Example: For a check in on Saturday, Guests could cancel the prior Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but not Friday (1 day prior) or Saturday (day of check in).
  • The “Booking fee” on your booking is non-refundable this varies per property so please check when making your booking
  • If the owner is forced to close the property due to Travel Bans, Government Directives/Executive Orders, COVID-19 you the guest will be refunded your booking deposit or full payment depending upon what has already been paid.
  • All you need to do is call our sales team or email stay@staycotswold.com with your booking number and confirmation that you would like your booking to be cancelled
  • Refund payment for cancelled bookings will be released/paid back to you the guest on the scheduled date of check-out of the original booking