The Cotswolds is primarily known for its beauty; however, its stunning holiday cottages are right up there too! Combine this stunning location with beautiful self-catering properties and you’re clearly onto a winning formula.

Self-Catering Cottages in the Cotswolds

What better way to discover the region than to stay in one of our self-catered Cotswold cottages.

Here at StayCotswold we have everything from delightful shepherd’s huts to large luxury manor houses and barn conversions, that provide all the self-catering facilities you need to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.


Self-Catering Cottages in the Cotswolds

Increase Your Dining Options

First and foremost, a self-catering holiday home in the Cotswolds will put you completely in control of your meal times and places. You can eat when you want, what you want and where you want. If you wish to explore the hundreds of local restaurants and pubs in the Cotswolds, you have total flexibility to do so.

Alternatively, if you fancy staying in by the fire or having a lovely summer barbeque, you can support one of the Cotswolds farmer’s markets or independent delis by purchasing fresh, quality local produce, and have a fabulous night in. Buying your own local meat and vegetables will mean that you can still enjoy fine local food, however, you can make your own favourite sauce and ensure that it is delivered to your table exactly how you prefer it.

The children won’t need to be sitting at a hotel table needing to be quiet whilst other groups dine; they can be running around the garden whilst you’re popping something delicious on the barbecue. 

Take Advantage of Space

Our accommodation gives you so much more; savings, flexibility, more choice and also much more space.

Hotels tend to have tiny rooms that can be expensive; however most StayCotswold self-catering properties offer spacious rooms, well equipped kitchens, and outdoor dining where you can enjoy that lovely country air. It’s also more cost effective than a hotel when you are bringing children as hiring suites or several rooms can be expensive. So take a look at our collection of large Cotswold cottages.

Talking of children, they can burn off some of their excess energy in the garden or fresh air instead of being cooped up inside a hotel room.

Take Advantage of Space


Extra Opportunities

Self-catering cottages in the Cotswolds also give you the opportunity to bring extras with you. There are some truly wonderful bike rides in the Cotswolds and storing them is difficult when the size of your hotel bed is nearly the size of your accommodation!

StayCotswold offers pet friendly accommodation where the dog can run around in the garden, the kids can store their bikes in the garage and you can even bring your own barbecue for those glorious long summer nights!


Extra Opportunities

Get the Best Sleep

Of course, holidays are for sleep too. I’m sure that we’ve all had that “Do not disturb” on our hotel door only to be rudely awoken by that hard knock on the door. Cotswold self-catering cottages can ensure that you can rest for as long as you want, gently coming to terms with that extra glass of red from the night before.

Being in control of your own destiny is important for families and at StayCotswolds we will do everything to ensure that we give you the privacy you require and take away the stress you don’t want.

Book Your Self-Catering Accommodation in the Cotswolds

Self-catering in the Cotswolds is certainly the most popular way to enjoy your holidays nowadays.

Everyone is realising that whether it’s for cost-saving reasons, because they offer so much more flexibility or whether it is because they are wonderfully spacious in comparison to a hotel room, properties at StayCotswold are sure to provide you with exactly the type of accommodation that will make your holiday in the Cotswolds an unforgettable one.

Browse all of our self-catering holiday cottages and homes online or to discuss your options in more detail, give us a call on 01993 259 444.