Cotswold Cottage Holidays

A holiday in a cottage in the Cotswolds offers a uniquely special experience. These characterful dwellings exude warmth, charm and provide real cosiness and comfort throughout the year.

Their quaint interiors and original features create a homely atmosphere and provide a private and secluded retreat, making them ideal for couples seeking romantic getaways or families looking for quality bonding time. Cottages are often located in charming villages, providing an opportunity to interact with the friendly locals, and visit quaint independent shops and lovely local pubs, giving guests a true authentic Cotswold experience.


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Cotswold Self Catering Cottages

If you’re looking for a Cotswold holiday that offers flexibility, control, and cost savings, then a self-catering holiday cottage is a great option. You’ll have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and you’ll be able to save money on food and drinks when you need to. Plus, you’ll have more space and privacy than you would in a hotel room!

Many Cotswold cottages welcome pets, making them an excellent choice for dog owners who want to share their holiday with their furry friends. Whether you’re looking for tranquillity, cultural immersion, fabulous gastronomic experiences or simply a break from the every day, Cotswold self-catering cottages can deliver a unique holiday experience.

Here are some of the key benefits of self-catering holiday cottages:

  • Flexibility and control. With self-catering, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You can eat when you want, sleep when you want, and go where you want. You’re not bound by set meal times or activity schedules.
  • More space and privacy. Self-catering cottages are typically more spacious than hotel rooms, giving you more room to relax and spread out. You also have more privacy, as you won’t be sharing your space with other guests.
  • Cost savings. Self-catering can be a more affordable option than staying in a hotel, especially if you’re traveling with a group or family. You can save money on food by cooking your own meals, and you can also save on drinks by bringing your own alcohol.
  • Home comforts. Self-catering cottages are often equipped with all the home comforts you need, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room, and a washing machine. This means you can feel right at home during your stay.
  • A sense of community. Many self-catering cottages are located in rural areas or small villages, where you can get to know the locals and experience the local culture. This can be a great way to connect with the place you’re visiting and make memories that will last a lifetime.
  • You can choose your own accommodation. There are self-catering cottages to suit all budgets and tastes. You can find cottages in rural areas, seaside towns, or even city centers.
  • You can book for any length of time. Whether you’re looking for a short weekend break or a longer vacation, there are self-catering cottages available to book.
  • You can bring your pets. Many self-catering cottages are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along on your holiday.