Bonfire Night in the Cotswolds

We can all picture it now; the excited little ones holding their sparklers, the teenagers wanting louder, more explosive fireworks and the adults enjoying a hot chocolate or maybe something a bit stronger! Bonfire night is always a great time for a get together and here in the Cotswolds, we tend to excel at it! Also, unlike in an artificially lit city centre, being out in the countryside seems to have that extra bit of darkness that beautifully contrasts with the raging fire or lit up night sky.

We are fortunate in that we have a number of different venues where you can enjoy a Guy Fawkes celebration with a fantastic firework display:

28th October – Ground & Airborne Fireworks Display, Cotswold Gliding Club

The event will feature Cotswold Gliding Club’s internationally famous air display performance, followed by a fireworks display by UK Fireworks Champions Celestial Fireworks.

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29th October – Fawke’s Fury -Firework Extravaganza 

Prepare to be mesmerised as the night sky over Gloucester ignites with a blaze of colour and sound. Experience a breath-taking symphony of light and sound. The excitememnt doesn’t stop there though. Live music, funfair thrills and delicious food and drink will be in abundance, too.

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29th October – Ducklington Fireworks Spectacular

Watch the night sky comes alive at the Ducklington Firework Spectacular. The event promises to be a sensational feast for your eyes and ears, with fireworks crafted by the award-winning Illusion Fireworks team.

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3rd November – Shipston Sports Club Fireworks Display

The annual Shipston Sports Club Fireworks Display is back for 2023. Complete with music, funfair games, food, drinks and more. Their bonfire starts at 6pm before the fireworks kick off at 7pm.

Shipston Sports Club Fireworks Display »

5th November, Fox & Hounds Annual Fireworks Display

Set to be the best yet, the Fox & Hounds are back with a pyro-musical. Fair rides, live music, bars and lots of food on offer, there’s plenty to do before and after the display.

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Whichever event you decide to attend, have a wonderful evening in the Cotswolds and stay safe! If you would like to make a weekend of it, then why not take a look at booking one of our Cotswold holiday homes for the weekend?