Top Gear Korea recently stayed a two of our stunning Cotswold holiday cottages, Twigs and High Barn. So we asked the Editorial Producer, Peter Park and his wife Jenny, to tell us about their stay and why they loved the Cotswolds…

What brings you to the UK and specifically The Cotswolds?

As the Editorial Producer at Top Gear Korea, we are here to cover stories on British Automotive Culture.

During our stay in the UK, we are planning to visit British racing teams and sportscar manufacturers.

The Cotswolds was an ideal basecamp for us as many car companies are scattered around Oxfordshire.

The amazing nature and beautiful driving road is a big plus!

How did you find/select StayCotswold?

As we were searching for long-term rental houses, we found the website and realised that there are many beautiful homes managed by StayCotswold.

Why did you chose a home stay over a hotel stay?

We wanted to experience the local lifestyle at Cotswold.

I find that hotel rooms to be too confined to have the true local experience.

What is your favourite village or town in the Cotswolds?

My favourite town at Cotswold is Langford. We have made life-long friends there who warmly welcome us.

Have you visited any great pubs, tea rooms or restaurants while you have been in the Cotswolds – which was your favourite?

Yes! Our friend Coral invited us to a great pub near our home.

The name of the pub is ‘The Bell Inn’ which was within the walking distance from our home.

We enjoyed the true British cuisine along with tasty local beer. I believe the pub is several centuries old.

What is your favourite thing about the Cotswolds – the countryside, the historic sites or museums, the old buildings, the market towns, the pubs, restaurants or tea shops, the shops etc etc?

I enjoy driving sports cars on beautiful roads and the driving environment of Cotswold was brilliant!

The perfect roads that I imagined for a long time in my head.


Have you enjoyed driving around the Cotswolds? (With Top Gear in mind!) How different is it from home?

The scenery of the road is just fantastic!

I love the driving experience of Aston Martin DBS Superleggera in the Cotswolds.

The roaring V-12 engine and beautifully balanced chassis carved the corners of the Cotswold roads.

Would you come back to The Cotswolds (for pleasure rather than business)?

Honestly I want to buy a home in the Cotswolds!

It’s a perfect place to enjoy relaxed lifestyle by nature.

I know you are moving onto London, have you been or are you going anywhere else in the UK before you head home?

Yesterday, we visited Bentley factory at Crewe and quickly realised that the rest of UK is not like the Cotswolds!

We just arrived at London but I already miss the Cotswolds.

What will you miss about the Cotswolds when you go home?

I will miss every second in the Cotswolds, especially the great friends we made at Langford.

Are you taking anything back home with you to remind you of your visit?

Yes, my dear friend Mark who was our neighbour gave me a very special gift.

It’s an old Smith watch he has been collecting for a long time.

I will treasure it throughout my life and think of him every time I wind it.

Would you recommend StayCotswold for travellers for business/pleasure?

I would recommend people to visit the Cotswolds to find inspiration in their life.

Once they visit here, they will realise the purpose of living.